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where can i buy printer ink cartridgesBest Discount Ink Cartridge Stores of 2018During testing, we also talked with users about their experiences buying and using discount ink cartridges and read reviews see customer service is like on these sites.

Key Features to Look for in a Discount Ink Cartridge Store

Nearly all the sites we researched offer free shipping on orders totaling a certain dollar amount. Many require you buy $50 to $55 of product to qualify. If you find a site with a higher purchase minimum than that, we recommend you keep looking. Some stores, like Inkcartridges, offer free shipping on all orders sent within the United States.

Most of the sites we researched offer ground, two- or three-day, and overnight shipping. However, not all of them list every option online during checkout. Instead, they require you call a customer service agent to expedite shipping. This is less convenient because its much easier to manage your account online than over the phone.

Service only ships within the U.S. and Canada

Large stock of cartridges and other printing supplies

The best thing about Inkcartridges is it ships orders anywhere in the contiguous United States for free, and you dont have to spend a minimum amount to qualify.

Its also true that the prices we found could change at any time, so you may want to compare prices at our best picks before you buy to make sure you get the best deal.

Inkcartridges carries many of the most popular ink cartridge brands, as well as some of the less common ones. It has comparable pricing to 4inkjets, our pick for best discount ink store, plus the benefit of free shipping on any size order. The site also offers expedited shipping in case you find yourself in a bit of a time crunch, though it costs extra.

We researched and compared prices on more than 30 sites that sell discount ink cartridges to find the best, most convenient online stores to buy from. We also considered shipping costs, payment options, the number of ink cartridge brands each store carries and whether the site sells other printing essentials.

4inkjets doesnt have the lowest prices, but our research shows it carries more of the most popular cartridges than any other store. It sells ink cartridges made by all the major manucturers, including HP, Canon and Xerox. You can buy Original Equipment Manucturer (OEM) cartridges or opt for remanuctured cartridges, which cost less.

Some exclusions from the two-year satisction guarantee

We maintain strict editorial integrity when we evaluate products and services; however, Top Ten Reviews may earn money when you click on links.

While 499inks doesnt carry the variety of cartridges found on other sites, it strikes a better balance between cartridge prices and features than its competitors. Like most online ink cartridge stores, 499inks sends out monthly coupons to further discount its already low prices.

4inkjets large inventory of both Original Equipment Manucturer and remanuctured cartridges, long return window, and multiple payment options make it our best pick for both bulk and personal orders.

Many sites say they have a one- to two-year satisction guarantee, but the fine print says you cant get a cash refund. Some stores only allow exchanges or issue store credit. 4inkjets has the best guarantee we saw, letting you return unopened or defective discount cartridges for your money back for a full year after you place your order.

At minimum, a site should accept traditional payment options like credit card, check or purchase order. Online stores that also accept modern payment methods, like Amazon Pay, PayPal or Google Checkout, are even easier to use.toner cartridges

Amazon Pay and social media payment not accepted

The sites multiple search options make it easy to find products during testing, the search bar returned results for the correct ink cartridges quickly, though having the cartridge model number speeds up the process. The site carries other printing supplies, such as and cables, as well. In addition, it sells 3D printer filament. If youre ordering for an organization or business, you can work with an Inkcartridges account manager to find the best deals for your office. Large bulk orders may qualify for a 10-percent discount. Schools and government organizations can call a representative to pay with a purchase order. Inkcartridges accepts traditional forms of payment, including checks and credit cards. You can also check out using Google Pay, Amazon Pay or PayPal. You can contact Inkcartridges over live chat and telephone, as well as Facebook. If your question isnt urgent, you can use an online text box to contact the service and wait for an emailed response. The site also has helpful walkthroughs that demonstrate how to use the site and install cartridges.

499inks doesnt have as big of an inventory as our top pick, so you might have to shop elsewhere for some products. However, on average, its prices are lower.

During our research, we found prices dont vary much from site to site, especially on remanuctured cartridges. In ct, the average prices at a few of the stores we researched only differed from each other by $0.001. As such, we believe a sites return policy, payment options and shipping options are more important to consider.

To compare prices across the sites we reviewed, we calculated how much it cost to print per page using ink purchased from each store. Based on our results, on average, it costs 4 cents per page to print with ink cartridges bought at 499inks the lowest average price we found. For comparison, it costs around 6 cents to print per page using cartridges purchased at 4inkjets, our top pick. Also, the Original Equipment Manucturer (OEM) cartridges 499inks sells cost less overall than on other sites. Orders over $49 ship for free a dollar less than 4inkjets free shipping requirement. This is a irly average free-shipping threshold for the sites we reviewed, but some, such as Inkcartridges, ship all U.S. orders for free. 499inks site looks more up to date than those of many of its competitors, and it has a social media presence only about half the stores we reviewed were so connected. Its easy to search for cartridges on the site using its drop-down selection tool or search bar. In addition to its low prices, 499inks has a lot support options on its site. For example, you can live chat with a customer service representative if you have questions about your account. Also, while not as impressive as our best picks two-year return policy, 499inks lets you exchange or return defective products for up to one year.

We spent 80 hours comparing prices, evaluating inventory and researching store policies to find the best places to buy discount ink cartridges. Based on our findings, we think4inkjetsis the best option out there. The site has a variety of payment options, low-cost shipping and low prices. It carries a large inventory of Original Equipment Manucturer (OEM) cartridges, as well as remanuctured cartridges and other printer supplies like and cables. So, if you want to buy all your supplies in one place, 4inkjets is a good place to look.

In addition, we evaluated how secure each site is and the quality of the stores support options because security and customer service are important when purchases online. Weve researched what to look for and what to avoid when buying discount ink cartridges online, as well as read the fine print in FAQs and return policies to make well-informed recommendations.

Anytime you buy online, its important to make sure the store offers plenty of support, including contact information and troubleshooting guides. With discount ink, its also important to consider the sites customer satisction guarantee so you can get your money back if something goes awry.

As we evaluated online ink cartridge stores, we preferred sites that are one-stop shops for printing supplies. 4inkjets also sells refill kits, x toner, laser toner and photo , so you can stock up on all the printer supplies you need in one place. If you have problems with your cartridges, the site allows you to return them for up to two years after your purchase. Because using discount ink can be a bit of a gamble sometimes the quality of the ink in non-OEM cartridges isnt very good, and some printers reject refilled proprietary cartridges we like 4inkjets flexible policy. That said, check to make sure the cartridge youre purchasing is covered by this policy, as there are a few exceptions. 4inkjets also offers multiple payments options, and its site is secure, so your credit card and personal information stays private during checkout. The site frequently has coupon deals, so we recommend checking for codes to apply at checkout to get even deeper discounts. While it can ship anywhere in the United States, 4inkjets has only a few international shipping options. Also, only bulk orders or orders over $50 qualify for free shipping.

Because using remanuctured ink cartridges can void your printers warranty, we recommend waiting until the warranty expires to use them.

At Top Ten Reviews, we also test the best all-in-one printers.To compare prices and check inventory size, we searched for ink thats compatible with the all-in-one printers we tested, which means we checked more than 1,000 prices in our research. We calculated the average cost per page to print with ink purchased at each store using the sites prices and the cartridges manucturer-reported page yields. Using this information, we found which stores have the largest inventories and the lowest prices.

Free shipping only applies to orders over $50

Good selection of OEM and remanuctured cartridges